Does Amazon Ship to Australia?

Welcome to the Amazon Australia Website!

If you landed on our “Does Amazon Ship to Australia?” page, there is a big chance that you would like to find a way to be able to quickly search for products that can be shipped directly to Australia.

Guess what, that is exactly what we are going to show you here on the Amazon Australia Website. You will be able to search through products that can be shipped directly to your door!


Amazon Australia

I am sure you agree how annoying it is, when on the website, you go through the whole checkout process, only to see that the product you wanted to purchase cannot be shipped to Australia.

One way of  shopping on Amazon from Australia and a common experience was acquiring a virtual US shipping address. This is where Amazon delivered your order  to and then you had to wait for a confirmation from the address provider, who then forwarded it to your address in Australia.

This sounds like a good solution, however it is

  • Very time consuming – first you have to wait until the products get shipped to the virtual US address, then add another couple of days while the address provider forwards your shipment, and then add another 7-21 days as per the US to Australia average shipping time.
  • It involves quite a bit of additional costs – cost of the virtual shipping address + US domestic shipping fees + the International shipping fees + customs, duty fees + sometimes additional processing fees + pay a bit more because the Australian dollar, despite its strong showing lately, is not at parity with the US dollar.
  • Complicated – The main advantages of online shopping are speed, efficiency, ease of use. Now all these have been eliminated in this process…

amazon kindle australiaGood news is, that Amazon does ship to Australia, and not only ships to our country, but if you follow the process we outline shortly here on our Amazon Australia Website, you’ll be able to take advantage of duty and tax estimation during checkout, as well as customs clearance by the courier on your behalf. Whether you’re sending gifts to your loved ones to Australia or shipping to your own address, this solution will help get your items delivered without surprise duty charges or hassles.

Through our new Amazon Australia SEARCH feature, you will be able to find any products you want to purchase and get it delivered straight to your Australian address. Whether you are in search of a Kindle, Games, Electronics, Watches, Books, Clothing or Toys you will be able to find all these and even more. There are almost 40 million products in the database.

Amazon Australia Website

Will There be an Official Amazon Australia Website and On-line Store in the Future?

Amazon has never made it to Australia in its earlier international expansion phase, but with Australia becoming a stronger and stronger western economy, it would seem to make sense for the company to bring its Amazon brand of online retail and services to Australia in a directly local model, perhaps including a local Australian data centre.
As reported in The Australian earlier this year, Amazon’s web-services department is likely to start operating from a local data centre by early 2012 to meet the needs of enterprise and government clients. When asked whether, i.e the Official Amazon Australia Website would be available soon, chief technology officer Werner Vogels said:

werner vogels-will amazon ship to australia“For a very long time we actually halted our international rollout. And we just started again with Amazon Italy and again, just like with the web services, we are evaluating what will be the next places to start rolling this out.
It is clear that we are continuing to look at the rollout of other locations that might be beneficial for our retail operation. And I think every country in the world is probably on that shortlist,” Mr Vogels said in an interview in Sydney.

However he declined to say what criteria based its future selection process on, so it is still very unclear whether there will be an Amazon Australia Website in the near future.

Until then we must be satisfied with buying our products on the website and get it shipped to us. To be honest even considering the extra shipping charges, most of the products bought on are cheaper than if they were bought in Australia!

Does amazon ship to Australia

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